The Pseudo Lab and Interesting Times

Today Catherine Scott, Sean McCann, Mike Boers, and I met for our first “Pseudo-Lab” meeting. This will be our inclusive, weekly-ish, semi-official, unofficial time/place to seek help, learn new things, keep each other on track, and generally have a sense of community. You know… like a lab. The Pseudo Lab website is coming soon! It’s just the four of us today, but maybe in the future we will have more people who predominantly work from home who are seeking this sort of safe-space will join us.

We’re already off to a great start. At our first meeting we shared our recent activities and struggles, discussed opportunities and solutions to explore, made a list of goals to do our best to accomplish in the coming days, made plans for our website, and generally had a motivating-ly-good time.

Mike is taking the photo

(L-R:) Sean, Catherine, and Tanya discussing and writing plans.

For anyone who has wondered about the large gap between entries here, it has been a long time since I’ve had time to think about this much neglected blog. This summer has been interesting in the (apparently not particularly Chinese) Chinese Curse sort of way. I’ve spent as much time out of town as I have at home, and haven’t spent more than 14 days consecutively in one place since May. Hopefully it will be less neglected when I stop spending so much time recovering from jetlag (at the end of the summer). Here’s for hoping!

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