Metaphorical Pen BACK in Hand

Right now the Science Online Conference 2013 is happening at N.C. State University and my Twitter feed has flooded with excellent advice for people like me. In particular, Melissa Blouin writes:

And Laura Wheeler writes:

And Dirk Hanson writes: ‪

Okay Twitter, okay #scio13 … message received. Today has been one of those days where I thrash at my thesis-related tasks. In the spirit of being productive while procrastinating and with the added dash of Scio13-reflected glow, I am now guiltily sitting before the 4 month long vacuum in my blog logs, metaphorical pen in hand.

Melissa Blouin; this lacklustre post about blogging is me easing back in. Laura Wheeler and DoctorZen; I’m going to blog every Monday evening. They may be short … or I may find my Tuesday routine suddenly aline with the coffee machine. If they are short, lacking originality, or full of unanswered questions, I will take it as a learning experience instead of shyly hiding them in the dusty corners of my Documents folder. If I can’t find inspiration for text, Dirk Hanson, Bora; I’ll draw one of my neglected “Science Dailies” (perhaps that’s in need of rebranding), post a video or a photo.

Now that I’ve told the internet, there’s no turning back.