Comparing Scars and Stories

I was going to do a blog post about the psychology behind fascination with scars and minor injuries (bruises, scrapes, etc), but all I can find on the internet are articles encouraging people not to be ashamed of scars, social commentary on blemish-free models, advertisements for scar removal, and stuff to do with the Lion King. A Web of Science search of “injury” and “pride” wasn’t helpful either, though interestingly there was a remarkable number of articles about injuries on fruit.

Example of an article hit from Web of Science when you search “injury” and “pride”

This has made me wonder. Is it unusual that I find (my own) injuries fascinating (even if they’re annoying, debilitating and often embarrassing)? I’m definitely not alone in being proud of scars; I’ve had countless discussions comparing scars or bruises and their stories. People do it in films and stories all the time.

Comparing scars seems like a pretty human thing to do. I think I remember a phrase “Every scar has a story.” So why is there so little literature or internet content on it? Maybe my google-fu just needs more work.

All this was spurred by a recent (and foolish) injury I had rock climbing. The injury itself is annoying and embarrassing (in some ways), but it DID lead to me getting some X-rays. It’s the X-rays that I find fascinating. This is what the inside of my foot looks like!!

X-ray of my right foot.

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