Life Dailies

I’m working on getting a new feature working.

Every day (or almost every day) I’ll draw a little cartoon that represents something that happened in my life on the previous day. I started doing this in high school, making great use of my agenda. I stopped when I moved to Japan, started again briefly as an undergrad, and this fall, I’m revisiting the project as a graduate student.

I’ll be posting these cartoons one day at a time as “A Life Scientist’s Life Dailies”. On the right side of the home page there is a photo of the day called “LSL Daily” – that’s the most recent cartoon, and it links to the album with the rest. There’s also a new tab between “Home” and “Research” called “A Life Scientist’s Life Dailies” where the daily drawing can also be found.

I normally draw these while riding the train and/or bus, so they often have a sketchy, shaky quality about them. If they don’t, I might departed from tradition to draw it over a coffee. If I have extra time or am extra inspired, I may ink them (on the page or digitally), but in general they will be in pencil to keep the amount of time the project takes down to a reasonable level.

Drawing Daily

Departing from tradition (drawing while on transit) to draw my daily while eating breakfast at SFU.

The first one I’ve posted is for Labour Day (Monday September 3rd). Tomorrow I’ll add the cartoon for Tuesday September 4th and so on, maintaining the ~2 week buffer just in case I miss a day or two and have to go back. The image itself is currently a photograph of the original drawing. When I get my hands on a scanner, the image quality and clarity will increase.

I’m experimenting with the best way to post these in WordPress. Right now it’s all powered by a photo album widget, but for some reason I’m having trouble getting the album itself to display on the page. Instead, there’s a lot of link-clicking to get the to album itself. Sorry about that. Persevere! You’ll find the content eventually.

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