RIP Neil Armstrong

A final TIPS conference wrap up is still pending, but I just wanted to take a quick moment to pay homage to a giant.

Neil Armstrong passed away this afternoon at 82 years of age.  I must be among tens and hundreds of thousands of kids since 1969 who built rockets and space ships from cardboard boxes, bursting forth to cry “One small step!”. At the time they certainly were small steps.

Thank you, Neil. Your name has become synonymous with adventure, exploration, and achieving dreams with science and hard work. Your excellence has inspired countless numbers, and I’m sure sure it will continue to do so.

Tonight I will be in a plane, flying from Toronto to Vancouver. I’ll be the closest to the moon and stars as I have ever been. I hope that in my lifetime, I see someone go farther than Neil Armstrong went. Maybe that someone is barefoot in a grassy yard with a cardboard box making their own little big steps right now. In this hope, and in honour of the incredible man himself, I will find the moon above the clouds through my airplane window tonight and give it a wink.

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