Ottawa and the Death of Evidence

I just returned to Vancouver after a week in Ottawa where I was attending and presenting research at the 1st Joint congress on Evolution. Perhaps the greatest highlight of this week filled with amazing talks, posters, lectures, and rap shows, was participating in the Death of Evidence rally that marched from the Ottawa Convention Centre to Parliament Hill at noon on July 10th.

Here to be Heard

Several speakers stood up in front of the crowd to talk about the importance of research, the recent cuts, and policies that threaten an informed Canadian citizenry. During the “service”, I live-tweeted quotes, moments, and take-home messages (rephrased for twitter). Of these, some of my favourites were:

“Iron curtains make for dark rooms. Harper is building Canada in the dark.”

“We DESERVE a gov’n who will listen to everyone. Including the people who know what they’re talking about.”

“science is powerful because it accepts criticism.”

And to end on:

“Call to scientists (& allies!): find out why voters vote the way they do and help them see the importance of evidence in policy.”

Check out the rest of the photos I took.

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