Spiny Leaf Insect

Meet my new friend! I brought her home yesterday, and this morning when I went to take a photo to introduce her with, I discovered that she was moulting! Instead of a photo, I put together this little video.

She doesn’t have a name yet; suggestions are welcome! I like scientists’ names, but I name computers after scientists, so perhaps not. Mike seems very attached to “Pickles”, but I’m not convinced yet.

9 thoughts on “Spiny Leaf Insect

  1. Name her Hypatia, after the woman teaching mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy in the Library of Alexandria when most women were illiterate and equivalent to beasts of burden.

    • One day when I can get the aviary I want and have a dozen finches, I’m going to name all of them after dinosaurs. =D

    • I think she’s cute!! You wait – the next time you’re in Vancouver, she’ll be ~7cm long and I’ll make you hold her. Holding an adult is a little like holding a very calm and prickly mouse. ^__^

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