Painting Mike

I haven’t posted in a while. I was going to post a long and involved post about the state of women in science (and in other fields) but every time I came back to it, I wanted to re-write it. After several revisions, I shelved the post. Perhaps I’ll come back to it at some point.

Another reason I haven’t posted in a while is because this is supposed to be my science (and life) blog, not my life (and science) blog. Like many people my age, lately I’ve been really confused about my life goals and plans. I’ve spent so many years single-mindedly pursuing the goal of being a scientist that I’ve neglected so many other aspects of my life and interests. Does anyone really know what they want to be when they “grow up”? For a long time, I thought I did. I envy that more naive Tanya. As I struggle with these big conundrums I find myself gravitating toward activities that I enjoyed before I discovered how mind-blowingly cool biology is. In particular, the arts.

Here is a painting I made in photoshop of the most important hominid in my life.


Feel free to critique, but be kind. I haven’t really painted since high school. Though, I have been cartooning for years. Maybe I’ll share some of my cartoons at some point. Many of them even have something to do with science!

My website was also recently updated, so check that out.

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