Wakeupwakeup first day of school, boyohboyohboy WOAH

I went to SFU (which Mike has begun pronouncing sss-fooo and is in danger of catching on for me) for my “first day” today. It ended up being a first morning, but that was lovely too. There weren’t very many people in, but I now have a desk and a key is on it’s way and hopefully I’ll have a staff number soon. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to anyone about potential new projects (a LONG while actually) so talking about it with my new supervisor was pretty exciting! Everything was all very general because we don’t know what direction I’ll be going in yet, but that was part of why it was exciting I think.

After I came home I had a bunch of forms to fill out, many of which require my phone number. I hadn’t gotten around to dealing with my phone number change, so I decided that I should really just do it. However for some reason my account couldn’t do it online. Mike’s worked fine, but mine kept on giving me an error. I gave up on doing it independently and instead called Fido directly. Mike’s online phone number change took 30 seconds; the part that took longest was picking which phone number he wanted. Otherwise, the process took about 5 cursor clicks in total. Somehow the (incredibly incompetent) woman on the phone with me managed to make this 5 click process take TWENTY MINUTES. After 20 minutes the phone number she was attempting to put through “got lost in the system”, and frustrated, I told her I would figure it out online somehow myself, goodbye, and hung up. After a few minutes of abject rage induced gargling and squawking noises flowing freely from my face and fists (yes, fists can make noises if you’re frustrated enough), Mike persuaded me to call them up and tell them I was switching to Mobilicity. I sat down in front of the Mobilicity website and picked out the plan they have that I wanted and called Fido. The first thing the Customer Relations woman (who was so much more helpful) I spoke to did was get me a new phone number; it took her about 1 minute (maybe 2 if you include our brief discussion of what phone number I wanted). Then we got to talking about what plan would work for me. What she came up with was $43 a month with everything I asked for. That’s still more expensive than the $35 plan from Mobilicity that I would get, but I would get to keep my iPhone (Mobilicity can’t support iPhone data). I’m torn. I love my iPhone, and $43 is a great deal (the equivalent of the deal would normally cost something like $57) but I wanted my bill to be less than $40, and Mobilicity’s plans all have features that are unlimited.

Food for thought anyway.

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