Testing Email Posting

You can post to posterous through email, and this is my first attempt to do that. I don’t have anything particularly interesting to add except that tomorrow morning all our stuff is arriving!! Then I’ll skip off to the voting polls before I start unpacking. We have to get the TV set up so that we can watch the election unfold (via internet… so I suppose the TV is not actually necessary, just desirable).

Perhaps I’ll have a post sometime about jet-lag; I’m still so jet-lagged it’s silly. I woke up at 6:30AM bright eyed and bushy tailed as though I had slept in. Dear circadian rhythms, please get a grip. I’m not accustomed to watching the sunrise… though if I never see it again in BC I’ll be happy to have seen it once over the mountains. The view of them lit from the west is starting to become familiar, so east was fresh.

I just watched Obama’s live address Re: Osama Bin Laden’s demise. Just before that I had followed a friend’s link on facebook to his recent comedic speech that included a parody trailer called the “President’s Speech”. It joked about him loosing his teleprompter and having to improv… Anyway I was amused that at the end of his live address the camera pulled out so far that the top of his teleprompter was in frame. Here is an example of the importance of mental priming.

I also finally just finished watching (obviously not live) the “Royal Wedding”. I knew it was going to be terribly boring, but I figured that like so many other culturally important events, I should probably watch it through. In the end I put it on in the background while doing other things. My summary; beautiful architecture, incredible gowns (Kate’s bride’s maid’s dress was my favourite – imagine it in shimmery midnight blue at the Oscars), lots of long religious babble (though the bits that I actually zoned in for weren’t as potently painful as some religious wedding speeches I’ve heard), beautiful music and most amusingly notable; many stupid hats. I hear this guy is who we have to blame for things like this. Incredibly, it also got it’s own cupcake.

I shall leave you (after this long update with nothing science related at all in it) with a video of my squeaky kitty.

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  1. “Kate’s bride’s maid’s dress was my favourite – imagine it in shimmery midnight blue at the Oscars” <— I AGREE! Sold!

    And the lady in the crazy hat, lol, that's the Queen's Granddaughter. Crazy school eh? Those crazy Englishmen… and their crazy hats!

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