Hello World

This blog is going to be my place to geek out about the interesting things I learn as I go forward through graduate school and life. I expect to fill it with posts on topics like animals and their behaviour, the environment, molecular and cell biology, acadamia and it’s tribulations, just to name a few. I’ll probably deviate from this garden path with ocasional reviews of books, films, and and other things that catch my eye and attention. I hope that it will be informative, thought inducing, and/or amusing.

My first goal of keeping this blog is to stay in touch with the reason I love science (it’s cool!!) by communicating the bits I find coolest without having to freeze dry my language to fit the academic format. Don’t get me wrong; the language freeze drying process is fun for different reasons (which I expect I’ll probably write about eventually) but I want an outlet for my messy expression of excitement and fascination.

Hold onto your hats, tupays, and cocktails.

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